1969 Land Rover Series 2A/Defender

1969 Land Rover Series 2/Defender

Peter Petrov of Marina Motors in Venice Beach California built this car. Peter is one of those rare craftsman that loves what he does and has been working on Land Rovers for some 50 years. He spent about a year on this build starting with a used-up Land Rover in sad condition. He pieced together what he had at his shop and purchased a lot of new parts also. Peter started with an old 2A Chassis, Engine, and transmission then he incorporated 1995 Defender chassis and drivetrain and kept the old 1969 2A aluminum body. What you end up with is a great Retro-styled Land Rover. Peter’s in-house upholsterer, Carlos is also a magician with the interior. Carlos constructed a beautiful leather comfortable interior including door-cards, headliner, carpets